About Abra Print FX

See, touch and feel one-of-a-kind print effects. It’s magic!

Abra Print FX is a division of Creative Path. Our newest acquisition, the JETVarnish 3DS IFoil, represents today’s most advanced digital tactile spot coating & variable foiling technology. We are one of the only printing companies in Canada with this breakthrough technology.

Imagine, we can now create tactile and visually compelling, one-of-a-kind printed materials with short-run customization previously not possible via traditional methods.

Create unique

and irresistible printouts for greater impact

Completely digital process

no plates or screens – eliminating set up costs

Impress your audience

with embossed foiling in nearly all of the traditional foil colors and even holographic security foil

Let your imagination loose

with high flexibility spot UV coating

Imagine the possibilities

Print embossed look,

glossy and satin effects on same page with one pass

Create 2D & 3D effects

on laminated surfaces – raised touches from 6 to 100 microns in thickness

Achieve one-to-one marketing impact

with variable data option

Add drama

with embossing for such touches as glittering gold name and images

See. Feel. Touch. It’s Magic!

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